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Ivanhoe Community Grocers

Fresh organic fruit and veg delivered to your door.
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Organic, seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes delivered to your door.

Ivanhoe Community Grocers makes life easier by delivering fresh fruit and veg to your doorstep. The box just arrives, no decisions to make, no hassle to collect.

You want the best quality and the convenience. So do we! Our fruit and veg is picked within days of being delivered to you. Which means it’s nutritional content is still at its highest.

You’ll taste the difference!

Supporting farming families

Our produce comes from farms who use organic growing principles. We choose to support them because they’re real people and organic farming is hard work. By not using harsh chemicals they’re doing the right thing by us and our land.

Cut food miles & help the planet

Cutting food miles is important for your nutritional intake and for the environment too. If our food travels less it’s fresher and there are fewer carbon emissions. Yay for us, yay for the planet.

Giving back

We are a social enterprise and we choose to support community groups, kinders, preschools and charities to help with their fundraising. Contact us now to find out how your local group can get involved and start raining funds now!

Thanks for supporting us and your community, and the planet, and our farmers and your own health! So many wins…