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Conscious Chicks Pasture Raised Eggs Weekly

$11.00 / week

Conscious Chicks eggs are organic, chemical-free, hormone-free and pasture-raised, with 777 hen per hectare. They’re also a ‘no-kill’ farm which was really important to us. That means all the hens get to retire happily on the farm in the old ladies paddock! They’re also fed a vegetarian diet. This is a box of 12 eggs.

Important notes:

  1. These cannot be purchased as a single item, only with a veg/fruit box.
  2. These have a 10 day turn around. Order by 12 pm Fri for delivery on the 2nd Monday following.

This is an ongoing subscription. You will receive a delivery each fortnight on a Monday.

Please place your initial order before 12pm on Friday for delivery on the 2nd Monday following, subject to availability.